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Portugal Goal Party

portugal korea

portugal korea cristiano ronaldo

Portugal was a stroke of authority to DPR Korea, which won by a convincing 7-0 rout in the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town on 21 June. The result leaves the Lusos as second in Group G with a goal difference puts them at the gates of the second round of the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010.

The selection of Carlos Queiroz felt at home in Cape Town, where the home fans fully supported the Europeans. The large colony of descendants of Portuguese immigrants in southern Africa celebrated with euphoria the recovery of his team after a draw in the opener against Ivory Coast on Monday gave a sample of their potential to the North Koreans.

Korea DPR waited well planted in the field lusa initiative that gave the first warnings with a distant shot of Cristiano Ronaldo and a header in the crosshairs of Ricardo Carvalho. The most dangerous attempts of Asians arrived with distant shots of Cha Jong Hyok and An Yong Hak that tested the reflexes of Eduardo, who also wore an auction clearing Hong Yong Jo (18 ').

But the Selecção das Quinas contained the North Korean attack and knew few realize its superiority. Tiago got a great pass inside which culminated Raul Meireles (1-0, 29 ').

Flurry of goals
Rest said the ideas to the Portuguese who left very inspired in the second half, and soon settle the issue at stake here. Simao ladled the seconds between the legs of goalkeeper Korean assistance after Meireles (2-0, 53 ') and immediately increased the distances Hugo Almeida heading in a cross from Fabio Coentrao (3-0, 56').

With the North Koreans admit the obvious superiority of the rival, the Lusos continued to seek goals, enjoying the minutes of good play and generating many times. While Cristiano Ronaldo missed a goal with a shot to the stick, can be awarded half that Tiago scored after a generous pass behind the Real Madrid (4-0, 60 ').

In the final stretch, the Asians failed to pull out of his area to the heated front Lusos. Liedson pounced on a mistake by defender Ri Kwang Chon to make the little hand (5-0, 81 '.) The strangest goal of the match was scored by Ronaldo (6-0, 87 '), who after dominating the ball accidentally with the neck, put an end to their long drought in the shirt of the Portuguese: the striker scoring since February 2009. Tiago completed the bulky marker (7-0, 89 ') to make a new mark in the history of the Selecção das Quinas in World Cup: its biggest victory in this event.

The G Group closes on Friday 25 June at 16:00 (South African time) at two different venues. While Portugal is measured with Brazil at the stadium in Durban, Ivory Coast and will play Korea DPR in the Mbombela stadium in Nelspruit.

Portugal Crushed North Korea 7-0

Portugal defeated by 7-0, in establishing a top goal historic global football, the weak North Korea but had shown some defensive against Brazil fragile objects can not stand the attack of the team led by Carlos Queiroz.

In the first half only saw one of the goals, made the 28 minutes was enough to numb Meireles and Korean team had no reaction. In the second half the team had an almost perfect forcefulness, the 50 'Simao shortly after the 58' Hugo Almeida's header provided the 3-0.

The goal of the brightest star Cristiano Ronaldo is to be expected, while its participation as the fourth goal which attended Tiago. A 80 'Liedson under his goal after a mistake in the defense of North Korea.

At 86 'At last came the turn to Cristiano Ronaldo who, after a fortunate bounce set up the 6-0 and minutes later Tiago established the 7-0 final that leaves a good chance to qualify for the Luso selected in World Cup Group G .

In Portugal it is a match against the powerful and eternal Brazil, will be ranked in a tie and a defeat would leave pending the outcome between North Korea and Ivory Coast, the latter needs a barrage of goals and hope that Portugal lost.

Video Highlights Portugal 7 - 0 North Korea

North Korea looked surprisingly impressive against the Brazilian juggernaut in their first World Cup match last week, while Portugal did not manage a single goal in its scoreless draw with the Ivory Coast. But the Portuguese drought did not last Monday in Cape Town.

Raul Meireles knocked in a goal in the 28th minute, giving Portugal the lead over its Group G rival. Tiago was credited with an assist on the play. Just in case someone not familiar with this tournament thinks Portugal is being unsportsman like by running up the score like that, there is a very good reason for it.

2 teams will advance from Portugal's group and Brazil has already secured one of those slots. If Portugal loses to Brazil in their next game and the Ivory Coast beats North Korea in theirs then they will be tied in tournament points. Which of them advances to the next round would be decided by who has the larger difference in goals for all games in their group. That is, you add up all of a team's goals scored in their 3 group games and subtract the goals scored against them. Whoever has the better difference between Portugal and the Ivory Coast would advance.

As it stands now, the Ivory coast is a -2 difference and Portugal is at +7. Portugal's slaughter of North Korea has made is extremely difficult for Ivory Coast to surpass them.

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Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead
LOOKING AHEAD, originally uploaded by mReport.

Another week of World Cup fever comes to end and fans look ahead to another exciting week that determines the Round of 16. - Photo by Sven Anders

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The Green Dream 2

The Green Dream 2
The Green Dream 2, originally uploaded by magiclook.

Pride Is Algeria

Pride Is Algeria
Pride Is Algeria, originally uploaded by magiclook.

Nesrine Tafesh.. Algerian's fan

Nesrine Tafesh.. Algerian's fan
Nesrine Tafesh..algerian's fun, originally uploaded by magiclook.

I love to add more some special things for this beauty about algeria...We are all algerian in World Cup 2010 in South Africa.


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